Valentines Day! Join Erin for a look at romance!

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A private, intimate look at your life and romance.

The Bachelorette (or Bachelor):

A look inside the romantic potential between you and a romantic interest, up to three times over. This reading gives you a perspective on how a “crush” or interest sees you, what his/her intentions are toward you, your emotional and sexual compatibility, and where the blessings and challenges are in the potential. You can apply it to someone you are dating, have your eye on, or a few suitors you are trying on for size.

The Suitor:

A look at who has their eyes on you…This reading gives you insight into who may see you as a crush or romantic potential, and what may be coming up for you in the near future in terms of dating and romantic potential, and what you need to do to foster or accelerate that potential.

The “One”:

A look at “the one”; the big romantic potential for you –practical details such as appearance, career interests, as well as the emotional connection or spiritual purpose of the relationship, and lastly advice on how to open up to or allow this relationship into your life.

The Closure:

A look at up to 3 past relationships. Often times it hard to let go when we don’t understand what happened…this is a look at what you need to know to heal and move on, insight into the patterns that disrupted your relationship potential, the behind the scenes truth behind what may or may not have been said, and guidance on how to heal where it is needed.

The Crossroads:

Often times clients are stuck in a relationship rut and considering leaving. This reading looks at whether the relationship is salvageable, what is the highest potential of the relationship, and/or whether it is for the higher good of both parties to move on, and provides guidance on engaging the healing process, or approaching the practicalities of moving on in a way that is gentle and healing for both parties.

The Healer:

A deeper look at underlying patterns in relationship, and guidance on how to heal and transform those patterns in order to free your relationship potential. This may be applied to an existing relationship, or to the single person who wishes to transform her/his patterns and heal the next relationship before it happens.

The Couple’s Retreat:

Investigate the strengths and blessings in your relationship, your intimate potential and how to reach that potential, and receive guidance on how to remove judgment and barriers in the relationship and heal old patterns or blocks.

Mix and match or customize:

The Full Monte: 70 mins for $120 (bonus time $20 value)

The Single: 40 mins for $80

Couples & Besties: share 60 mins for $60 each (save $20 total)

The Quickie: 20 mins for your burning question (phone only) $40

This special will run Wednesday February 8th to Sunday February 19th.

To book your reading, email Erin from the contact page

NOTE: If you are interested in foregoing insight into your relationship challenges in favour of skipping right to the healing process, I have times slots opening up for my Programs for Emotional Healing. Please contact me to ask questions or sign up.