Tarot Phone Readings

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Phone tarot readings are an excellent way to enjoy a reading from your tarot reader or psychic when you are travelling, or simply too busy to come in for a physical appointment. I have tarot clients in Calgary who like intuitive confirmation before they make certain decisions, but don’t always have time in their schedules to make an in person appointmentcalgarytarotthemagician. They simply purchase a tarot reading or two online and use their time up as they go. Tarot readings by phone are also an excellent way to share your favourite local tarot reader or psychic with your out of town loved ones and friends. Many Calgary tarot readers and psychics have long distance phone plans so that there are no additional charges involved in your phone tarot reading. It is helpful to know this in advance.

How do phone readings work? Phone tarot reading and on-line tarot readings function much the same as a face to face tarot reading, save that the reader does the card shuffling and choosing for the client who is not physically present. Because the tarot reader or psychic is channelling your intuition, the reading will work as effectively as the in person reading. Just as energy is not confined by physical location, intuition is not dependent on physical contact with the cards or a physical presence in the room. Really, how the cards are shuffled and by whom are more a matter of your tarot reader’s personal preference.

When I do a phone reading I begin with a general discussion of questions and concerns, identifying whether there are particular areas that the client prefers to spend more time on. I then proceed with the reading as usual. I will give the client a bit of a narration of the reading, so s/he can follow the steps I am taking. Otherwise, the information that comes up and the questions answered proceed just the same way they do for an in person reading. Many clients tell me that they are surprised by their first tarot reading by phone reading, as they are not expecting it to be as effective or insightful.

To set up your tarot reading by phone:

Contact me by email either through contact page, or by prepaying for your reading online. We will arrange a mutually convenient time and exchange necessary contact details. I will call at the agreed upon time. Have your phone ‘charged up’ if need be and a pen and paper or recording device ready should you wish to take notes or record the session. And, in any tarot reading, by phone or in person, you may wish to consider questions ahead of time or even jot them down if you wish. This is not necessary, of course, but often in the midst of receiving a lot of new information clients will forget their questions and wish later that they had written them down.

Payment for phone readings must be made in advance but can be done instantly through our online system.