Tarot and Psychic FAQ

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Questions concerning specific cards, readings, styles – common questions about Tarot Readings in general. A resource to help you understand readings and Calgary readers.strength

A Tarot card reading is a personal experience. Your level of knowledge may vary from ‘informed and interested participant’, to ‘first time querant’. At Calgary Tarot, Erin has read tarot for all levels of experience. If you’re new to tarot card readings, or if you’d like to discover Erin’s style, please browse the FAQ – this will give you a taste of the gentle, intuitive, concerned reading style you can expect from Erin, If you are or know someone who has had a bad experience in the past, please read or recommend this resource. It’s Erin’s wish that Tarot be used to help, and inspire. There is no reason to feel intimidated.



1. What is the Tarot?
2. How Does the Tarot Work?
3. Why should I trust a tarot reading or a tarot reader?
4. What if the Death card (or another 'scary card') comes up?
5. What if the reading comes true by “the power of suggestion”?
6. How long should I wait between readings?
7. Can I/should I bring someone with me for my reading?
8. What kind of questions can I ask?
9. If I give the reader information or background will it 'ruin' the reading?
10. Do I need to test the reader or be on guard during my reading?
11. What about the phony psychics out there?