Make your next social event a Divine and Cheese Party

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Bringing in a tarot card reader is a wonderful way to add magic and mystique to a party, to shine as hostess, and give a gift of enlightenment to your guests.

Corporate get-togethers, Christmas parties, private parties, Bridal Shower, Halloween Party – Erin has brought Calgary Tarot to all of them, and more. To inquire about availability – please contact Erin directly.

There are different approaches to the tarot party:

The Group Approach: If you are an intimate group you can have me set up in your living room or sitting area with guests gathered around, so that everyone listens to all of the readings. While this does require a comfort level among participants, I am known for being very discreet when needed, and will feel out or directly ask if there is a sensitive topic coming up that the querant may or may not want discussed in the group setting. The brilliance of the group reading approach is that many find it fascinating to see and hear what comes up in their friends’ readings, and because the tarot gives wise and soulful counsel, everyone present then benefits from the counsel given to others.

The Private Approach: If you do not want the tarot readings to become the main focus of the party, or if you are a larger group where it is simply not practical to work this way, having me set up at a table on the sidelines of the party or in a private room or area is another great way to go. This way the reading can be separate from socializing, and there can be other things going on in other areas of the party, such as gift opening for a shower, or other forms of entertainment. Everyone is given a private reading, and those who wish to share about their readings can do so at the main event.

Intuition Night: I bring a magical evening of intuition awakening to you. Combining simple exercises and divining tools your guests will have a chance to ‘be the psychic’, tap into latent gifts, receive specific life guidance and enhance their intuition in daily life . No skill or experience is required. Contact me to discuss timing and details.

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Tarot Party Policies

Minimum Booking Time: 2 hours

Recommended Booking Time: The minimum time I recommend booking is approximately one hour for every 5- 6 people who desire a reading . Fast readings are usually ten minutes in length. I can give a lot of information in ten minutes, but some time should be slotted in for a washroom break, and shuffling people to and fro. If you have a tight schedule and a lot of demands for readings it is advisable to provide a clock, and or designate someone to coordinate guests. Sign up sheets are helpful in this regard. They free guests from feeling they need to wait in line.

15 minute readings (4 per hour) allow for a more relaxed pace and a slightly more in depth reading.

Longer readings: I will happily provide longer readings for your group if you desire it. In many cases clients want half hour or full hour readings, but prefer to have the readings with a group of friends so that while one is being read the others can socialize, and afterwards they can compare notes. This both adds excitement to the reading process and is convenient, in that I come to your home or venue.

Shorter readings: Occasionally I get requests for five minute readings. In a five minutes window there is only time for a couple of cards, offering a glimpse of general influences at work in a situation, or what is to come. In certain environments this is perfectly fine, such as a large charity carnivals, but for most of us a longer reading is more satisfying.

These are general guidelines. I am more than happy to discuss your needs with you by phone and assist you in arranging the party details to suit your unique situation.

Time extensions: I am perfectly open to extending my stay at your party or event if our booked time is up and you have further demand for readings, as long as I do not have another booking to follow. Just let me know that you would like me to stay on and I will do my best to accommodate. My hourly rate applies to extended time.

Tarot Party Rate: $130 per hour

Per guest payment: Often it is desirable to offer a tarot reader at your party for “per reading” fee, for example, if the hostess doesn’t have the budget to pay for the guests or if a group of friends is getting together and would like to share a reader’s services. If guests are paying individually, I ask the hostess to coordinate the division and collection of monies and ensure that I am provided with payment at my hourly rate at the end of the session. I will be very focused on your readings, and giving you as much information in the time we have as possible.

Guidelines: If you are collecting fees up front from guests a suggested guideline is $20 – $25 per guest for ten minute readings; $30 for fifteen minute readings. Or you may wish to simply divide the fee equally amongst the guests at the end of the session.

Outlying Areas: I do make myself available for tarot parties in Calgary’s outlying areas, but please check with me as travel fees may be applicable.

Payment options: Your tarot party can be paid at the end of the session in cash or by cheque, OR for those who prefer to pay by credit card, payment may be made online in advance.

Set up: A simple table with three to four chairs is perfect. Four chairs gives the reader a place for personal effects, and provides an extra chair should a couple (or two friends) want to sit down together and hear each other’s reading.

Additional Readers: If your event is larger and limited by time it may be advisable to request additional tarot readers. I am happy to arrange multiple readers through my personal contacts (reputable, professional Calgary tarot readers). During our initial consultation I will recommend what I feel will best suit the needs of your event or party and provide you with all of your options.

Get a Room!

Suggestions – why not host your Tarot Party with our Tarot readers at one of Calgary’s many classic Hotels.

Hotel Arts – Urban Chic Motif – that’s the designation for a favorite Calgary boutique hotel. They’re n the arts district – on 12th ave. near downtown. (403-266-4611)
Calgary Marriott – luxury, well appointed, in the center of downtown (403-266-7331)
The Hyatt – grand luxury, convenience. Downtown on center street – adjacent to the Marriott, across from the Calgary Tower. (403-717-1234)