The Beautiful Truth


I once read at a charity event for a large oil company here in Calgary to raise fundTarot-reading-by-erin-butler-1s for a worthy cause. The woman who had approached me to donate my time commented after the event that a lot of people had left my Tarot reading room with smiles on their faces. At the time we were in an elevator with one of the company’s higher ups, I was to learn. He overheard this woman, and remarked that I must be ‘telling people what they want to hear’. The sad truth is that many of us have been raised by parental or societal guidance to believe in a reality that is a harsh, fixed, unpleasant truth. The ugly truth. Life’s a bitch and then you die. Life isn’t fair.

We are taught that any good that comes without struggle should not be trusted or believed. And so it was incomprehensible to this man that there could have been as much ‘good’ in the tarot cards and readings of that day without a significant departure from truth into placating.

On the contrary, I believe that a reading can give a person many, many authentic reasons to smile. Sometimes there are really amazing, beautiful things on the horizon for us; new relationships or jobs, windfalls of money, miraculous healing, and seeing a glimpse of these amazing potentials brings us to immediate joy, quickens our willingness to allow in the good, speeds up our willingness to release the old patterns, opens our perspective from the daily challenges or routines of our lives.

Sometimes it’s not the big fortune news at all.

Sometimes we have been stuck in a pattern for a long time and need guidance as to the way out of the pattern. Our belief systems and our intuition are clashing; we know something or feel something and desire to act on it, but our beliefs, those things that we assume to be true because we have been told them often enough, seem to contradict our intuition and propel us into confusion or fear. We are seeking understanding. Many times a client will walk away saying I knew that, but I needed to hear it. I knew that, but I needed confirmation.

Sometimes the ones we love the most are the ones who are most afraid for us, or who project their own fears and limitations into our experience. A look by a professional reader can give us the clarity we need to follow through with our intuitive guidance, to move past external limitations toward our own evolution. At times we may need to hear that it is time to let go, or to look deeply within, or that we need to be patient and wait, to trust, or to take action or a leap of faith. At times we are not seeing our worth, our beauty, our potential. Through the eyes of the reader we are shown a truer vision or reflection of ourselves. It may be that we simply need affirmation that we have been strong, or honest, or clever. We need a pat on the back.

Being seen and heard and acknowledged in a deep way, from a place of integrity and honesty is a powerful experience. These are the many truths told by the tarot, reasons it gives us to dig deeper, to connect more meaningfully to our intuition, to heal. So, yes, sometimes we will hear that our wish is comTarot-layout-by-erin-butler-1ing true, and certainly this happens more often when we allow for it, when we make room for ease and for happiness. But while most of us won’t have an emotional response to the empty promise intended to ‘please’ us or the warning intended to create authenticity by appealing to a model of ‘harsh reality’- we don’t want to be placated or scared, and it doesn’t take much honing of the intuition to pick up on it – we will respond to what we truly want to hear; what is going to heal us, evolve us, move our lives and the lives of our loved ones towards well-being and joy. When we hear that, when we are given pieces to that puzzle, the truth resonates. We feel peace. We smile. And fortunately there are enough authentic readers in Calgary that with a little help from our intuition and a few guidelines, finding a reader who ‘sees’ us and helps us find that peace should be relatively easy.